Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Cow Lake, ...I Finally Got to Fly Fish There

Dr. Bill Young and I spent yesterday exploring Cow Lake. The rumours that there are some decent trout there spurred us on! It took us about 60 minutes to reach the boat launch. The launch is in excellent condition and there is plenty of parking. We launched his 14 foot Marlon and Dr. Bill fired up his 15 hp Honda. We were off. The lake is shallow, real shallow. There is very little structure so we decided to fish the edges. We used Tokaryk Specials that were small (size 12 and 14). What struck me right away is the low visibility in the lake at the moment. I suspect wind had churned it up. I finally got a take. It was an 18 inch rainbow. Shortly after, Dr. Bill hooked a rainbow. I then hooked up with the rainbow pictured above. I was pleasantly surprised to see a 5 or 6 pound rainbow. We continued to work shoreline. We were broke off by pike several times. We did hook a few more rainbows but we kept losing them. By the way, we set our indicators only about 2 feet down. The edges are about 5-8 feet deep.

I did get a telling throat sample from one rainbow that had backswimmers and shrimp in its throat!

Cow Lake is definitely worth exploring with a fly rod. I would recommend staying mostly in the northern part of the lake.


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