Sunday, September 4, 2022

Exploring the Upper Red Deer River

Karen and I finally had a day to ourselves. Our aging parents, helping with our precious grandkids and our sick dog have taken up a lot of our time as of late. That's ok but we finally got a day for ourselves and we decided to drive to Sundre and poke around the Red Deer River areas with our fly rods. We did make one mistake and that was doing our exploring at the start of a long weekend. We were quite surprised at the number of trailers, quads, etc heading out! We should not have been surprised considering the weather was hot and it was one of the last long weekends that you could enjoy camping. Whitefish, cutthroat, and bull trout are in this area. We did connect with some fish but we were mainly interested in just exploring. We are trying to find some new hidden gems to fly fish! There is so much excellent water to explore. 

I hope you are enjoying the Labour Day long weekend!


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