Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Barry Mitchell Pond at Heritage Ranch

Karen and I always make a point of walking down to Mitchell Pond at Heritage Ranch here in Red Deer to fly fish each year. Mitchell Pond has definitely been stocked and I do know that some rainbows have wintered. As many Central Albertans know, Barry Mitchell was a great friend of all of our fisheries. He and his dad started the Alberta Fishing Guide many years ago. The Alberta Fishing Guide is an excellent resource for all fisherman. Barry's book, The Trout Highway, is now out of print and sought after by fisherman. 

Karen and I tied on some size 14 Glen's Leeches and dangled them about 4-5 feet below a strike indicator. We caught lots of rainbows over the approximately 90 minutes we fished. We saw lots of forage fish in the pond. I am sure that is an excellent source of food for the rainbows. Whether you walk or ride your bike down to Mitchell Pond; it is worth the effort to take your fly rod down and give it a go! It is a great place for picnic too!


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