Friday, May 5, 2023

Fly Fishing for Lahontan Cutthroat is a Blast!

Several of our gang has been out enjoying Lahontan Cutthroat fly fishing! When you leave early spring in Red Deer and head to full on spring and hungry cutthroat, you just love spending your day chasing brightly coloured cutthroat trout! Often the fly fishing is sight fishing and that is a great way to get the season started.

Some of us had amazing weather, others wind and some thunderstorms. Nevertheless it is a great time. We all love the fly fishing but the socializing and hanging out with your friends is just the best.

What a great way to escape late winter and hit full on spring!

Betty is a regular at cutthroat fly fishing, she knows how to hook up and she and her husband are experts!

A dandy 22 inch cutthroat

Larry and his brother Ken having an awesome time.

I caught this tank in 18 inches of water!

Murray is always catching and enjoying just where we are!

My buddy Scott taming both the wind and the cutthroat!

My dear friend Leon came and hung out with us!

Oh man, big wind!

Colin having an outstanding day!


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