Friday, August 16, 2019

Electro Fishing on the Tay River

Today several of us volunteered to help Trout Unlimited Canada and Alberta Environment and Parks-Fishery Division electro fish the Tay River as part of a restoration project. The Tay River is a tributary of the Clearwater River. The Tay River once had bull trout in the river. The project is an attempt to bring back bull trout to the river. We have already begun the process of bank stabilization. Today we took a sample of the river. We found long nosed dace, sulpins, rocky mountain white fish, brook trout and some brown trout! 15 sample stretches of the Tay River have been electroshocked to gather valuable data! I was also very encouraged to see that the willow planting along the Tay River has already started to take hold. The leadership shown by Trout Unlimited Canada has jump started this project. A big thank you to all of the volunteers and staff that spent a rainy Friday morning on the Tay River!

You can see that the willows we planted earlier in the spring have already started to grow!

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