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Friday, October 2, 2020

Lake Trout on the Icefield Parkway-What a Beauty of a Day

Karen and I wanted to enjoy the fall colours so we decided to head out onto the Icefield Parkway to fly fish for lake trout! We got on the road at 7 am and by 10 am we were gearing up at the lake. The lake was glass. That was a blessing because I was going to row across the lake in our pram. Karen, Pepper and I were basking in the warm sun. Our last visit was frigid. We hooked several lakers during our day. We explored as much as we could and we took in the big walls, glaciers and incredible fall colours! The lake was not busy! I think everybody was at Sentenial Pass taking in the larch trees.

The drive alone is worth the tank of gas. We are lucky that our pram fits nicely on our gulf station wagon. That makes gas costs for the day quite reasonable.

We used both floating lines with ice minnows and full sink lines with minnow patterns. Both strategies got us action.

The drive home was just as spectacular. The late day sun made the fall colours so stunning.


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