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Thursday, October 8, 2020

Teaching Our Grandkids to Fly Fish

Karen and I have always hoped our kids and spouses as well as our grandkids would enjoy fly fishing. We have slowly encouraged our grandkids to enjoy being outside and to love nature.Teachers spent the day at inservices so there was no school today. Karen and I decided to take Edwin and Oliver fly fishing for the afternoon. It was a chilly afternoon but the boys were well dressed for the blustery weather. Learning to fly fish from the bottom-up takes patience and doing things in small doses.

The boys have learned to put together the rods and get the fly lines ready. They have learned basic casting and that is enough for now. They love fighting the trout.

The big thing is to make the opportunity to teach the grandkids , all about them. The twins got into lots of trout today, that made for an excellent afternoon. We added in rock collecting and taking pictures.

The I-Pads remained off for the afternoon! The boys did not miss them. They were outside and having a great time. Grandma and grandpa had a great time too!


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