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Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Winter Has Arrived,...But We Went for It!

The weather forecast looked frightful and maybe there was a window of opportunity to get out to enjoy our west slope cutthroat before the rivers close and winter settles in. My buddy Doug and I decided to "go for it!" The roads were fine except for the usual places where you just have to take your time. We had to get by a logging truck that was chaining up so it could safely navigate a hill. The was a tight pass job with the mirrors pulled in.

We finally got to our destination and started to bundle up. It was -7C. We were comfortable. We had to deal with iced up guides but for the most part that was our only big hassle. We crunched our way through some frozen puddles to get to our first stop.

It was a nymphing game although we did see some risers near the end of the day. We tried a wide variety of nymphs. Doug got into a lot of cutthroat. The water is low and gin clear. The tippet has to be fine and you better be lightening quick to set the hook!

The snow starting to fall steadily in the afternoon. We decided to call it a day later in the afternoon allowing enough time to travel home in the daylight.

It was a good day out on the water. I hope it is not our last day to fly fish for cutthroat! I am keeping an eye on the weather forecast!


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