Monday, October 26, 2020

Walleye Love the Balanced Silver Minnow

Finally the mercury grudgingly crawled up to 1C. I was able to dash out to the Red Deer River to fly fish for walleye. I wanted to test out a Balanced Silver Minnow. Yesterday we all woke up to see the air temperature was -21C and the wind chill brought the temperature down to -30C.  ...absolutely bone chilling. By this morning, the mercury was close to 0C.

The big idea in the fly is to add eyes and fill in all around the fly with UV light resin. This was an idea based on a Phil Rowley pattern called the Punk Perch! Once I dialed in the depth, this fly produced steady action. I finally had to call it a day after I got cold. That took a good 4 hours in the water. Field testing a new pattern was great fun!


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