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Monday, January 11, 2021

Blobs with Rick Miyauchi

Rick Miyauchi is a student of fly fishing. He has been experimenting a lot with blobs this year. Here are four blobs that Rick likes. You might consider adding a few to your fly box. You can get all of the fritz for the blobs at Canadian Llama Company.

Thanks for the photos and all of the details Rick. Much appreciated.

There doesn’t seem to be a way to fish the blob that won’t catch fish. From floating line to all manor of sinking lines. Fast or slow retrieves and even static the blob will pick up fish. Adding coloured beads be it plastic, brass or tungsten can add diversity in how you fish the pattern. A short foam tail can transform the pattern into the FAB (fat arsed blob) which allows one to fish the very top of the water column or shallowest of shoals. Here are some cautionary tips when using this pattern. If stripping the pattern be aware of the length time of between strips. A long pause seems to result in deeper hook sets and makes retrieval of the hook and safe release of the fish very difficult. Static fishing on sinking lines especially also results in deeper hook sets although I haven’t had this issue when fishing the pattern under an indicator.

Dennis The Menace Blob 

Thread: UTC 70 black. Hook: Mustad C49S size #8. Gamakatsu B10S size #10 is a good substitute. 
Tail: Black marabou. Note: Keep tail full and short. This will increase your hook ups. Tail more or less even with bend of hook. 
Body: Flybox Red Dragon fritz Jet Black. Has also been sold by different companies as Dennis The Menace fritz but is essentially a blend of black and red fritz fibres. 

Viva Blob

Thread: UTC 70 black. 
Hook: TMC 2499SPBL or your preferred 3X short shank wide gap hook. 
Body: Rear 1/3 FNF jelly fritz Cat Green or Hulk Green will do in a pinch. Front 2/3 FNF jelly fritz Black. 

 A lighter coloured variation of a Pink Dancer minus the bright tail. 

Thread UTC 70 chartreuse or white. 
Hook: TMC 2499SPBL or similar 3X short shank wide gap hook. 
Body: rear 2/3 FNF jelly fritz Zest (yellow). Front 1/3 Ian Barr Candy fritz or substitute FNF jelly fritz in Marshmallow Pink or Biscuit. 

 Hot Spot/Jelly Tot Blob 

Thread: UTC 70 Red or colour to match hot spot in middle of fly. 
Hook: TMC 2499SPBL size #10 or your preferred 3X short shank wide gap hook. Body: Rear 1/3 FNF UV jelly fritz FL.Milk or Flybox gel core fritz UV Diamond White. Middle 1/3 FNF Micro jelly fritz Safety Orange or your preferred colour. Front 1/3 same material as rear of fly. 

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