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Saturday, January 9, 2021

Watch Out for the Boogie Man!

When I was camping as a kid. My brother always said, "Watch out for the Boogie Man!" Well I love fly fishing with a Boogie Man micro leech. It is easy to tie because all you really need is a marabou feather and a bit of dubbing for the collar! It is definitely a fish catcher. Take a look at how Phil Rowley ties a Boogie Man. I like using a few turns of brill for the collar instead of using dubbing!

Boogie Man

Hook: Curved Pupa Hook, sizes 12-16
Bead: Black, brass or tungsten
Thread: UTC 70 denier
Tail: Black marabou with one strand of flashabou doubled over 
Body: Black marabou twisted into a rope
Rib: Red Wire, small
Collar: Ice Dub or your choice ( I use brill)

I often add a red or orange hot spot collar on this great little micro leech!

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