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Monday, January 4, 2021

Elvis and Bleeding Elvis Chironomids-John Kent

I absolutely love this chironomid. It is a unique chironomid because of how the the red thread or red holographic tinsel can "bleed through" the mirage opal tinsel depending on how the light hits this imposter. John Kent did a great job creating this "chromie." As many fly tyers know who love chironomids, John Kent is one of the leading chironomid designers in North America. Be sure to add a few to your chironomid box!

Elvis Chironomid-John Kent originator

Thread: UTC red 8/0
Hook: Daiichi 1760 or Alec Jackson Crystal Covert-sizes 10-16
Bead: White brass or tungsten
Body: Mirage opal tinsel
Underbody of Bleeding Elvis: Red Holographic Tinsel
Rib: Micro Tubing, mahogany

Watch John Kent Tie the Elvis Chironomid

Add Red Holographic Tinsel as an underbody for the "Bleeding Elvis!"


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