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Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Guns and Roses Chironomid-Another John Kent Fly

This is another fantastic chironomid. I believe John came up with this pattern after gathering samples at Tunkwa Lake in British Columbia. Getting a throat sample and being observant of the emerging chironomids can reveal what the trout are dining on at that moment. I like these chironomids in smaller sizes although I have seen bomber sizes at local pot hole lakes in central Alberta! I like John's way of first tying in the micro tubing before wrapping the gun metal flashabou for the body! It is a lot easier to manage the micro tubing. You definitely need a handful of these great chironomids in your lake fly box!

Guns and Roses Chironomid-John Kent Originator

Hook: Curved Pupa Hook, sizes 10-16
Thread: UTC 70 denier, wine
Underbody: White Uni Stretch
Body: Gun Metal Flashabou- 6916
Rib: Micro Tubing, mahogany


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