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Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Finally Cutthroat Fly Fishing

What a fabulous day. Karen and I have been following the flow rates of many streams and waiting for an opportunity to hit the eastern slopes for cutthroats. Well the river flows are not perfect and neither is the visibility but we just had to get out there! Oh man the dust was crazy on the way out but that is what a car wash is for. The golden stones were out and about so Karen and I tied on the foam Orange Crush. 

Lots of the places that should have cutthroats was flowing so fast, it was tough to get a take. We did find lots of willing cutthroat today. The water temperature today was in the high 50sF. The cutthroat were fiesty.

At the end of the day, I asked Karen how many steps did we take. She knew. Almost 30 000 steps, over 15 km of walking and lots of up and down!

Just a safety reminder. Many rivers are high and fast flowing. Karen and I hooked arms to cross the river for safety. Always remember to angle downstream when crossing. Safety first!

The fishing will hopefully get better! Don't forget your sunscreen!


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