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Saturday, July 10, 2021

Fly Fishing Cree Lake with the OFF (Out Flyfishing) Fly Shop Gang

Steve Luethi, from our tying club, guides for OFF in Calgary! Josh Nugent is the owner of Out Flyfishing and he is a big fan of fly fishing for monster pike. Josh organized a very cool do it yourself trip to Cree Lake Lodge located in Northern Saskatchewan. It was an opportunity to cast to monster pike, fly fish the Cree River for arctic grayling and perhaps shake hands with a few lake trout! Josh brought along Naoto, his brother Yoshi, Ty from the fly shop and, of course, Steve. The guys are all skilled fly fishers and they are incredible videographers and photographers.

After a 6 hour drive from Red Deer, the guys organized their personal gear, food, and a breath taking amount of photography gear that was loaded on a Cessna Caravan. The flight from Fort McMurray was a mere 75 minutes. The caravan was amphibious so they took off on the pavement and landed on the water, right out front of the lodge.

Cree Lake is enormous. It is located in "The Land of the Little Sticks, aka lots of black spruce. The shore line is dotted with amazing sand beaches and shallow bays where giant pike lurk! The sand beaches would rival beaches in the Carribbean. The Cree River flows out of Cree Lake and works its way to Wapata Lake and then onto Black Lake and Lake Athabasca. The land and its waterways are amazing.

The trip was self guided. The guys had two boats and off they went each day. The guys were mostly after giant pike but they did spend a day chasing arctic grayling and sight fishing for lake trout! The guys stayed in a wall tent with bunks and they cooked their own food!

Well, the rest of this post is pretty much a photo essay of the action over the course of the week that the guys were there! The guys did catch a 50 plus inch pike, along with so many 40 plus inch pike their arms ached. Steve had the opportunity to sight fish for lake trout. He thought that was so neat!

Take a look at Steve's images. They tell an amazing story! Thanks for sharing this incredible adventure, Steve!

If you are interested in a trip like this, contact Josh Nugent at OFF (Out Flyfishing) in Calgary!


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