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Saturday, July 10, 2021

Fly Fishing on the Icefield Parkway

Karen and I love to head to Banff National Park to fly fish. The views are spectacular! Late last week we took the 3 hour drive out to one of our favourite lakes. The weather was perfect. As we rigged up with our canoe, we realized that the visibility on the lake was only 18 inches. We knew that the fishing was going to be tough and it was. We hooked a few and that was just fine. We ended up touring with our canoe and enjoying the glaciers and amazing waterfalls that line the lake. We reminded ourselves that the heat wave sent glacial till off of the icefields and into the lake at an alarming rate! There was a decent chironomid hatch too. Once the lake settles down a bit, I hope we can get back out there!

Remember, if you go to Banff National Park, you cannot use motors of any sort, not even electric motors (Maligne and Minnewanka are the exceptions). You also have to have a separate Parks Canada fishing license!

We have several places that we love to fly fish in the National Parks. If those spots are glacial feed, they are off colour right now with limited visibility!

Karen and I had an amazing day topped off with supper right beside this stunning place. The drive is always worth it. The fishing was not great this time but we will be back when the visibility is better!


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