Tuesday, June 7, 2022

BWOs, Some Skwalas and Caddis on the Red Deer River

It has definitely been fun to walk out my front door and head down to the Red Deer River to fly fish! Karen decided to walk along with Pepper the Hound. Yesterday was a rainy day but I got down to the river because BWOs often pop out under these conditions. I did find a few browns. I landed one on a chernobyl but the bigger brown that I hooked destroyed my BWO hook. It looked like a straight pin. Lesson learned. Today I beafed up the hook and I managed to hook the larger brown again. This time the hook held.

These last few days before runoff starts have been bonus days. Run off is late and by all indications, run off might be quite intense for a short period of time. The RDR is low and clear. Dry fly action has been excellent.


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