Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Red Deer River is Still Pre-Run Off!

I have been expecting mountain run-off to get started any time now but in the meantime "The Deer", aka the Red Deer River is low and clear. Karen and I took advantage of a big blue sky morning to stomp around with our fly rods in hand. We connected with a good number of rocky mountain whitefish and a few browns. The low water level allowed us to fly fish so many troughs and riffle drops that we do not normally see when the water is much higher! That added to our success.

Wiggle worms, rainbow warriors size 14 and Frenchies size 14 and 16 got us into a lot of fish! Keep an eye on the Alberta Basins web site for water flows on your favourite rivers.

Look for riffles that have a drop (it does not have to be deep water) and maybe a pool.

Rainbow warriors and wiggle worms were "fire" today!


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