Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Cree Lake Adventure Part 2

We used articulated flies a lot while fly fishing for lake trout! The lakers responded to white and chartreuse and occasionally brown flies. I liked to add a wiggle tail. Wiggle tails add extra movement but are tougher to cast any distance. We casted and retrieved although trolling is the best strategy for lake trout. Lakers often follow a fly a long time before striking. Wiggle tails and the way they disturb the water really irritates pike. There were times that small 4 or 5 inch streamers worked great for the massive pike.

Everybody comes and goes by float plane. We were picked up at Fort McMurray and landed on the water right out front of the lodge. We were more than satisfied with our rustic digs for the 7 days. Self guided trips can be very successful as long as you are confident driving a boat, using a GPS and you ensure your boat partner is spotting reefs and shallow areas.

This is our outpost camp. Rustic but comfortable.We had access to hot showers and washrooms.

Our meals were excellent. We Prepared a meal plan and precooked some of our meals.

Tom, my boat mate motoring down Cree Lake.


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