Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Navigating and Messaging with an InReach

Our kids gave Karen and I a gift card to help cover the cost of an InReach. An InReach is a navigation tool made by Garmin. The neat feature of an InReach is your ability to text or get help practically anywhere. This was a new experience for us. Out in Northern Saskatchewan at Cree Lake near the Northwest Territories, I was able to text my wife back home or communicate with anyone on my contact list on my phone. I can also signal for help if an emergency occurs. There are several companies that have designed this technology. You do have to pay a monthly fee for this service but to know exactly where you are and have the ability to communicate at any time is very important. Our kids realize that we spend lots of time in the backcountry. You can also lay a track down to follow. There is no question that this technology is an added navigation and safety tool. 

Oh yes, you can put your InReach to sleep when you are not using it! That saves money.


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