Saturday, June 11, 2022

Run Off is Late That Means Some Bonus Days on the Rivers

Run off is right around the corner but today rivers in Central Alberta are still quite fishable. I am amazed. I have been rigging up and walking out my front door and fishing on the Red Deer River right around my home. The fly fishing has been excellent. The Red Deer River flow has increased to around 30 cm3/sec in town. That is still quite fishable. The water is a bit off colour.. I expect the river flow to increase dramatically in the coming days.

Always use caution on the river. I have gotten myself into some pickles by not respecting the strength of the river. Always exercise caution!

Our Eastern slopes rivers open on June 15th. Take the time to check river flows with Alberta Basins. Below I have posted some river flows. Remember they can change at any time. When the spillway opens up at the Dickson Dam, the Red Deer River can be in run off in the matter of hours.

Safety first but until run off really gets going, enjoy our rivers! Practice Catch and Release. I have encountered poaching here in the city limits every day. That makes me sad. Nobody is above the law.


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