Sunday, June 5, 2022

Downtown Browns on the Red Deer River

Yesterday morning a stonefly was resting on my screen at the front door. After Karen and I helped our youngest grandson celebrate his third birthday, I rigged up my 4 weight Helios, put on my waders and walked out the front door. After walking for 10 minutes or so, I clamoured down the ridge and started to look for risers. I tied on my trusty Orange Crush chernobyl. I was hoping to find some goldeye but I was in for a pleasant surprise. It did not take long to find some risers. I started to work some spots and eventually I drifted my imposter over several rocks. A hefty brown came out from behind one of the rocks and smashed my Orange Crush! I was alone but I knew that I had a big grin on my face. What luck! I landed the thick 18 inch brown and quickly sent him on his way. I started to really focus now. Could there be more browns around? I saw another riser in the middle of the river. Luckily the river was low and I was able to work my way into a casting position that was slightly downstream of the riser. The brown came up and inhaled my chernobyl, game on! Well this happened two more times. It was just my day. I did connect with several goldeye but the browns made a good afternoon quite exciting!

Oh yes, I did see some brown drakes around. Keep an eye out! This hatch can make for some great fly fishing on the Red Deer River!


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