Sunday, October 28, 2018

Last Saturday of the Season on the Eastern Slopes

Our Eastern Slopes rivers will close for the season on the last day of October! Reid, Kate, Karen and I headed to the foothills for one more crack at the cutthroat fishing! It was a cold start to the day but after a couple of hours in the truck we hiked to a few runs that we try to visit late in the season. It is a nymphing game this late in the season although Reid did catch a cutthroat on a dry fly later in the afternoon!

The cutthroat were quite aggressive and hungry considering that the water temperature was frigid! There were a few midges on the water and every once in a while there was a rise. Small size 16 nymphs and a wiggle worm definitely got the attention of the cutts.

It was a very enjoyable day. We caught more cutthroat than we expected. We just wanted to spend the day wandering and casting. It was a bonus that the cutthroat wanted to take our offerings. 

The best part of the day was the great company. 

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