Monday, October 29, 2018

Only Two Days Left to Fly Fish Along the Eastern Slopes

Oh man, there are only two days left until November 1st. Our Eastern Slopes rivers will then be closed until June 15th of 2019. That is a long time. Well today my neighbour and friend, Colin Allison, and I headed to the west country to tangle with our beautiful West Slope Cutthroat Trout! It was another cold start to the day but we had our layers of clothes and we were comfortable. We bumped along the gravel to a spot I have not fly fished for almost 3 years. We saw 4 moose on the way out and another 7 moose on the loose over the rest of the day. That is a new record for me by far!

Well the thermometer rose to 7 celsius. We had a very comfortable day wandering along a river that was in perfect shape. We saw no other fisherman on the water other than two others who were gearing up earlier in the day on different sections.

Well it was again a nymphing game and the cutthroat were quite active. We tied on our usual wiggle worm and a size 16 flashback. Again the cutts were quite cooperative. We covered a lot of water and encountered a lot of beautifully coloured and for the most part cooperative west slope cutthroat!

I love fly fishing for cutthroat! That season is almost over here in Alberta. We hope to get out one more time.

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