Thursday, December 10, 2020

Black and Red Ice Cream Cone Chironomid

I love fly fishing with chironomids. There can be a lot to consider when using chironomids OR you can keep it real simple and still do very well out on the water!

We fish chironomids on all of our local lakes. We target trout of all sorts, lake whitefish, walleye and even pike on chironomids.

Today I am going to introduce the most basic of chironomids: a Black and Red Ice Cream One. This one chironomid was used a lot this year by Karen and I. It was our "Go To" chironomid on one of our big trips this year.

If you have several sizes of this basic chironomid (sizes 10-18), you will certainly get into the action. A size14 black and red ice cream cone chironomid has yielded us a lot of success at Sylvan Lake. Lake whitefish and walleye will target these food sources.

I still tie this fly with a white bead, a red rib and a black thread body! It need not be any more complicated than that! You do have lots of body options today if you want to add another layer to the fly. The two basics are black flashabou or black buzzer wrap.

When you seal the deal, there are a load of options. Crazy glue, Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails and of course your favourite UV resin.

Black and Red Ice Cream Cone Chironomid

Hook: Daiich 1120, sizes 10-20 or your favourite chironomid hook
Bead: White: 5/64ths for size 18; 3/32nd for size 16-14, 7/64ths for size 12 and 10
Thread: UTC Black 70 denier or 8/0
Body: Thread, black; or black flashabou or buzzer wrap or black thread
Rib: Red Holographic Tinsel or red wire, small
Coating: Crazy Glue covered with Sally's Hard as Nails or your favourite UV coating


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