Sunday, December 27, 2020

Touy’s Olive Chironomid

Touy Louangvisa is a skilled fly fisher. I often see Touy out on the water having a great time. Here is one of Touy's favourite chironomids. It is a go to when the chironomids are hatching.


Touy’s Olive Chironomid. 

Thread: UTC 70 Olive or Yellow Olive.

 Hook: Curved scud (TMC 2457 or similar). 

Rib: UTC wire Chartreuse small or extra small. 

Thorax: UTC 70 black. Thorax Cover: Pearl or Mirage tinsel. 

Wing Buds (cheeks): Orange Holographic tinsel. 

Gills (optional): White UNI-Stretch or similar. NOTE: If tying in gills make sure to do that “AFTER “ coating the body and thorax. This will prevent the gill material from soaking up the UV resin or nail polish used to coat the body and turning your fluffy white gills into an ugly hard white mass. Be sure to leave enough space at the head to reattach your tying thread and secure the gill material. Alternatively you can complete the fly as normal and add a dot of white nail polish to simulate gills or use a white bead

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