Friday, December 18, 2020

Four Favourite Micro Leeches from Rick Miyauchi

Rick Miyauchi is a skilled fly tyer and an even better stillwater fly fisher. Rick loves to use micro leeches out on the water. The 4 micro leeches below are his "usual go to" while out on his favourite stillwaters. Rick has taken all the photos and sent in the descriptions of how to tie these great little flies. Thanks Rick! 

All four of these patterns are well tested and designed by Rick!

Olive Micro Leech (Balanced) 

Hook: #10 - #16 (Jig) 

Bead: Copper tungsten

Tail: Woolly Bugger marabou (light olive) 

UTC 70 (or similar) olive or yellow olive 

Body: Standard marabou (light olive) tied in by the butt section and twisted into a herl rope. This gives a tapered profile similar to scuds and leeches. Brush out before and after to maximize fuzziness. Wrap up to bead. 

Rib UTC wire: Small Copper Brown wrapped counter clockwise to the bodies marabou herl rope. 

NOTE: can substitute gold for wire rib and bead.

Micro Tokaryk Special

 Thread: UTC 70 black or similar
Hook: #14 jig (balanced)
Bead: Gold tungsten 
 Tail: Woolly Bugger marabou black
 Body: olive ice dub in a dubbing loop 

Mottled Micro Leech 

Thread: UTC 70 black or similar

 Hook: #14 jig balanced

 Bead: 7/64” black nickle tungsten

 Tail: Woolly Bugger marabou black (main colour)

 Body: (main colour) approximately 20 - 25 strands of Wine or Maroon standard marabou with only 3 - 4 strands of standard black marabou (secondary colour). This will achieve the mottled look. Too much black will overpower the main colour. Tie in by the butts and twist into a herl rope. Brush out to maximize the fuzziness.  

Rib: copper brown, gold or silver depending on the contrast to body colour you prefer and counter wind to the direction of marabou body.

Alternative colour patterns: (1) main colour olive with brown or burnt orange secondary. (2) main colour brown with black secondary

Micro Mosaic Leech

 Thread: UTC 70 black

 Hook: #14 jig balanced

 Bead: silver 7/64” tungsten

 Tail: Woolly Bugger marabou black

 Body: custom blend. Base material black mohair with VERY SPARSE amounts of blue, red, silver and purple ice dub mixed in. Dubbing mixture is tied in using a dubbing loop.


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