Thursday, December 17, 2020

KISS Micro Leech with Dr. Bill Young

 Dr. Bill has been using micro leeches for many years. His take on micro leeches is to get the right profile, size and colour and you will catch trout! I agree! Dr. Bill just uses fibres from marabou feather, some wire, a scud hook and a bead. The KISS Micro Leech entails: tie in a wire rib, tie in a tail of marabou and then wrap the marabou up the hook and finally wrap up the rib, done! Simplicity at its finest! It is a "Guide Fly"! Easy to tie and a fish catcher. As with any fly, once you dial in the depth you are going to get into the fish!

...There are times that I combine and blend marabou to get a variegated look, e.g. purple and black.

Gather your favourite colours of marabou, a box of size 14 curved pupa hooks and fill up a box with these simple yet so effective micro leeches.

Keep it Simple St---d! (KISS)-Ha!

KISS Micro Leech

Thread: UTC 8/0, colour to match
Hook: Curved pupa hook, sizes 12-16
Bead: Gold 7/64ths-3/32nd or micro mini cone heads
Wire: Small, colour to match


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